academyThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 397 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures to join the organization. Among the invited artists this year are a number of film composers, including Dan Romer (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Luca), Nathan Johnson (Knives Out, Looper), Natalie Holt (Journey’s End, Herself), Amie Doherty (Spirit Untamed, Happiest Season), Ariel Marx (Shiva Baby, Rebel Hearts), Nerida Tyson-Chew (H Is for Happiness, Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid), Hesham Nazih (The Guest, Born a King), Leo Heiblum & Jacobo Lieberman (Maria Full of Grace) and Lili Haydn (Strip Down, Rise Up, Broken Kingdom). Also invited were Billie Eilish & Finneas O’Connell who won their first Academy Award this year for the No Time to Die title song. O’Connell has also scored two feature films (The Fallout, Vengeance). Click here for the full list of invited members.