George Fenton (Dangerous LiaisonsGroundhog Day, Anna and the King, HitchGandhi) has composed the original music for the new BBC natural history series Wild Isles. The 5-parter presented/narrated by Sir David Attenborough was filmed over three years and uses the latest technology to capture dramatic new behavior, from battling butterflies to hunting sea eagles and killer whales – revealing a previously unseen wild side of the British Isles. Alastair Fothergrill (David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, Penguins) is executive producing the Silverback Film production, which is co-produced by The Open University, the RSPB and WWF. Fenton has previously scored the BBC nature documentary shows The Blue PlanetPlanet Earth, Life & Frozen Planet and the features Deep BlueEarth & Bears. The Blue Planet Wild Isles is premiering in the UK tonight on BBC One.

Fenton’s other recent projects include Richard Eyre’s Allelujah, which premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and is opening in the UK this month, as well as Andy Tennant’s Unit 234.