Intrada Records has announced the release of two scores from the 80s composed by late composer Michael Kamen (Die Hard, Lethal Weapon). First up is the world premiere of the composer’s score for the 1989 action film Road House. Apart from most of the major cues from the score, the album also includes a couple of tracks not used in the picture. To listen to audio clips and to order the CD, visit Intrada’s online store. Road House is directed by Rowdy Herrington and stars Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzala and Kelly Lynch.

The second album is the world premiere release of Kamen’s score for the 1989 action thriller Renegades directed by Jack Sholder and starring Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips and Jamie Gertz. The soundtrack features the complete score, including music not heard in the picture. Audio clips can also be checked out on Intrada’s website.