The World Soundtrack Academy has announced the five nominees for the Discovery of the Year Award 2012, via which the organization rewards up-and-coming talent from the previous year.

Here are the nominees:

Brian ByrneAlbert Nobbs
Lucas Vidal The Cold Light of Day, The Raven, Mientras Duermes
David WingoTake Shelter
Fall On Your SwordLola Versus, Nobody Walks
Trevor MorrisImmortals

The winner will be announced at the 12th World Soundtrack Awards & Concert on October 20, 2012 in Ghent and will get the opportunity to perform at the 13th World Soundtrack Awards next year. For more information about the event, which also features a celebration of the music by composer James Newton Howard, visit our previous article.

  1. Barbapapa says:

    NO Nathan Furst for Act of Valor? Please friends you must be kidding?

  2. Brent says:

    I agree… Nathan composed a fantastic and moving score for Act of Valor. Out of this list, I do hope it’s Lucas or Trevor.

  3. H.R. says:

    David Wingo for Take Shelter — I’m glad they considered him.

    • L.K. says:

      I disagree (HR) on the Wingo Take Shelter. It was a complete and total rip off of the cult band Stars of the Lid. i mean he completely lifted someone else’s style to the point of plain robbed it. When i went home after and put David Wingo in Google i read he was living in Austin, Texas around the same time the band was living there. Coincidence?

      • bernard says:

        that’s funny i thought the same thing when i saw the movie. i was wondering if one of those lid peoples had anything to do with it. it seemed to be their style to a ‘t’.

  4. Macejko says:

    Considering Morris is a stupidest idea ever. Immortals was a complete rip-off of Zimmer’s Angels and Demons.

    • Joshua says:

      I have still not seen Immortals, but i could not agree more with LK. on Wingo. Why didn’t the director hire the real thing? I even thought for a minute when i was half way through the film, geez, i am really pleased someone finally realized SOTL would be the perfect to component for a good soundtrack.