WaterTower Music has released a new soundtrack for the CW show Smallville. The album includes selections from the show’s original score by Mark Snow and Louis Febre. Snow was the composer on the project during its first six seasons, while Febre scored the last four seasons. The soundtrack featuring almost 70 minutes of music is now available to download on Amazon. Check out audio clips from each track after the jump. Smallville created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar is about to air its 2-hour series finale this Friday on the CW. The show, which followed Clark Kent’s adventures during the years before he becomes Superman stars Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack and John Glover.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Grow Up Superboy – Mark Snow
2. Webmaster – Mark Snow
3. The Setup – Mark Snow
4. Where Am I – Mark Snow
5. Burn Baby Burn – Mark Snow
6. Freaks – Mark Snow
7. The Final Stone – Mark Snow
8. Their Only Poison – Mark Snow
9. Demon Dad – Mark Snow
10. Crash Landing – Mark Snow
11. Rigged To Blow – Mark Snow
12. Green Arrow – Louis Febre
13. Defeating Bizarro – Louis Febre
14. The Fortress Falls – Louis Febre
15. Lois’ Waltz – Louis Febre
16. Zatanna – Louis Febre
17. In The Rain – Louis Febre
18. Pandora’s Kiss – Louis Febre
19. A Hall of Heroes – Louis Febre
20. Supergirl Arrives – Louis Febre
21. Clark Tells Lois – Louis Febre
22. The Proposal – Louis Febre
23. To Fly – Louis Febre
24. Disguise Needed – Louis Febre
25. A Lemur in the Room – Louis Febre
26. Booster Gold – Louis Febre
27. Zod’s Demise – Louis Febre
28. Trials – Louis Febre

  1. Will says:

    Only those? Why did they leave out the best ones made by Mark Snow and Louis Febre??

  2. Alexander says:

    Please the track name s7 ep10 ending score. Thank you.