Brett Aplin (Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, The Gloaming Surviving Georgia, The Longest Shot) will release the first soundtrack album for the Australian family comedy series The Bureau of Magical Things. The album features selections of the composer’s original music from the show’s first season and will be released digitally on December 1, 2021. Visit Amazon to pre-order the soundtrack. Three first tracks (The Bureau of Magical Things (Credits), Lily’s Mind Wipe Fail & The Last Moments of the Match) are already available to stream/download today and can be checked out after the jump. The Bureau of Magical Things is developed by Jonathan M. Shiff & Mark Shirrefs and stars Kimie Tsukakoshi, Elizabeth Cullen, Mia Milnes, Julian Cullen, Rainbow Wedell, Jamie Carter and Christopher Sommers. The comedy centers on a teen who accidentally discovers an enchanted realm and becomes the only one able to unite the human and magical worlds – and save both from evil. The series, which first premiered in Australia in 2018 on Eleven, made its U.S. debut on Nickelodeon & TeenNick and is now available to stream on Netflix. A second season premiered this past summer in Australia on 10 Shake.

Here’s the album track list:

1. The Bureau of Magical Things (0:49)
2. The Book, and Meeting Lily (2:59)
3. Lily’s Mind Wipe Fail (2:02)
4. The Throne of Kai Kavus (2:12)
5. Magic Book Battle (1:41)
6. Peter Wins Ruksy Over (2:06)
7. Dragonflies vs Gazelles (2:02)
8. Peter IS Romeo (2:57)
9. Maxwell Reaches Out to Kyra (2:21)
10. Sally and Her Tooth (2:21)
11. DMI HQ (2:03)
12. The DMI Get Involved (1:37)
13. Ruksy Confronts the Others (1:20)
14. The Armour Attacks (2:10)
15. Orb Magic Revealed (2:25)
16. Peter Has His Mind Wiped (2:14)
17. Not Giving Up (1:23)
18. Steve Is Disappointed (1:12)
19. The last Moments of the Match (2:41)
20. The Mission and Giselle (2:35)
21. The Orb of Lemuria (2:25)
22. Devastated by the News (2:18)
23. Kyra Summons the Orb (2:12)
24. Throwing the Game (1:10)
25. Peter’s Crazy Theories (1:24)
26. Orla Uses Shadow Cloud (1:53)
27. Mysteries and Deceptions (1:35)
28. Memory Restored (2:18)
29. The Birth of the Bureau (3:57)
30. The Bureau of Magical Things (Credits) (1:19)