Silva Screen Records has announced a soundtrack album for the BBC Earth docu-series Primates. The album features selections of the original score from the show composed by Adam Lukas (Being The Queen, Roman Empire II) & Denise Santos (Gathering Storm, Savage Kingdom, Apollo: The Forgotten Films) for Bleeding Fingers Music. The soundtrack will be released digitally on March 5, 2021 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Primates created by the BBC Studios Natural History and narrated by Chris Packham follows our closest animal relatives and reveals how much we have in common with them. The 3-part series, which was filmed over two years in locations around the world, from the snowy Atlas Mountains to the flooded jungles of Sumatra and Brazil, premiered last May in the UK on BBC One and made its U.S. debut last fall on PBS.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Primates Theme – Adam Lukas
2. Gibbon Learns – Adam Lukas
3. Lizard Hunting – Denise Santos
4. One Family – Denise Santos
5. Monkey Spa – Adam Lukas
6. Gentle Guardian – Denise Santos
7. Ringtailed Lemur – Adam Lukas
8. Face Slapping Monkey – Denise Santos
9. Wild Cashews – Adam Lukas
10. Unknown Monkey – Denise Santos
11. Mountain Gorilla – Adam Lukas
12. Giant Fruit Tree – Denise Santos
13. Lonesome Louis – Adam Lukas
14. Mouthful – Denise Santos
15. Grey Slender Loris – Adam Lukas
16. Macaques – Denise Santos
17. Battlefield – Adam Lukas
18. Baboon vs. Leopard – Adam Lukas
19. Orangutan Infants – Denise Santos
20. Sleepy Blue Eye Black Lemur – Adam Lukas
21. Low Profile – Adam Lukas
22. Barbary Macaque – Denise Santos
23. Spider Monkey II – Adam Lukas
24. Only 800 Left – Adam Lukas
25. Winters in Atlas – Adam Lukas
26. Guardians and Navigators – Denise Santos
27. Owl Monkey – Denise Santos
28. Python Danger – Denise Santos
29. Primate Decline – Adam Lukas