Mercury Classics will release the official soundtrack album for the documentary The Reason I Jump. The album features the film’s original music composed by Nainita Desai (For Sama, American Murder: The Family Next Door, Enemy WithinFierce Queens, Telling Lies). The soundtrack is set to be released digitally on April 16, 2021 and is now available for pre-order here. A first track is now available to stream/download (visit Amazon or Apple Music and also listen to Beauty Is In The Detail below). The Reason I Jump is directed by Jerry Rothwell and explores the experiences of nonspeaking autistic people around the world. The movie is based on the best-selling book book written by Naoki Higashida and follows a young Japanese boy as he gradually discovers what his autism means to him, how his perception of the world differs from others, and why he acts the way. The documentary premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and is being released in select U.S. theaters and virtual cinemas this weekend by Kino Lorber.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Time Has No Boundaries (2:23)
2. Beauty Is In The Detail (2:40)
3. I, Too, Exist (3:51)
4. Floating Into Focus (3:01)
5. Shaking The Ropes Loose (1:24)
6. Memories And Images (1:27)
7. Outside The Flow Of Time (2:27)
8. Drowning In A Sea Of Words (3:04)
9. The Reason I Jump (3:32)
10. Green Boxes (1:44)
11. The Prettiness Of A Dandelion (2:08)
12. Imaginings (1:48)
13. Forever Swaying (3:06)
14. Permission To Be Alive (1:42)
15. Faulty Robot (1:34)
16. The Sensory World (3:54)