the-bureauUniversal Music has released a soundtrack album for the French TV series The Bureau. The album features the show’s original music composed by Rob (aka Robin Coudert) (Maniac, Horns, Awakening: The Beginning, Every Secret Thing). Also included is the drama’s title song Trust by Jeanne Added. The soundtrack is now available digitally in France. Visit the French Amazon store to check out audio clips and for the full album details. The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes) is created by Eric Rochant (Mobius) and stars Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Lea Drucker, Sara Giraudeau and Florence Loiret Caille. The spy thriller provides an inside view into the DGSC, the French intelligence service, set against the backdrop of operations in Syria. The series’ first season is now available in the U.S. on iTunes, with the first episode offered for free. Kino Lorber will also release the show on DVD on August 30, 2016.

  1. Loved the music. Loved the show. Eagerly awaiting series 2

  2. Tracy Tynan says:

    Do you know the artist and the name of the song that always plays over the end credits of the wonderful series Le Bureau?

  3. ticmali says:

    Annabel by Goldfrapp

  4. Natalie Muscat says:

    Do you know the name of the final song of the last episode?

  5. Frank Even says:

    Beautiful soundtrack, so much Jarre who’s music I love!

  6. Pamela Talimanidis says:

    Does anyone know which Bach cantata was playing in the car when Nadia da Mansour was shot?

    • the professor says:

      Matthäuspassion, BWV 244: No. 47, Erbarme Dich
      Johann Sebastian Bach, La Voce Strumentale, Dmitry Sinkovsky

    • Hermine Delany says:

      The correct answer is Bach’s St Matthew Passion, BWV 244, part two no 52: Konnen Tranen Meiner Wangen; Richter recording 1971, remastered in 2017 (?), If the tears upon my cheeks can naught accomplish, oh then take my heart away . . .
      This information appears in the credits for Season 5 just before Tom Waites.

  7. Carolyn says:

    What are the lyrics to the closing episode of Season 5