Silva Screen Records will release a second soundtrack album for the Amazon/BBC limited The English. The album features the expanded original score from the show composed by Federico Jusid (The Secret in Their Eyes, Watership Down, Loving Pablo, Santa Evita, Life Itself, The Head, Misconduct), including 33 previously unreleased tracks. The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, January 27 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. The label has previously released the original soundtrack album featuring twelve score tracks, as well a number of folk songs in November. A CD version of the original album will also be coming out this Friday (visit Amazon to pre-order). The English is written and directed by Hugo Blick and stars Emily Blunt, Chaske Spencer, Rafe Spall, Stephen Rea, Tom Hughes, Valerie Pachner, Ciarán Hinds and Toby Jones. The 6-parter premiered in the UK on BBC Two and in the U.S. last fall on Prime Video.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1.-12. First 12 tracks from original soundtrack album
13. They’re Going to Kill You (2:19)
14. The Clarkes (1:11)
15. You Ain’t Offering Me Nothing! (2:09)
16. My Home Is Here With You (5:35)
17. I Place No Curb on My Maternal Affection (1:15)
18. Under the Stars (1:13)
19. Let the Horse Decide (1:33)
20. London 1875 (1:25)
21. It’s All in the Breathing (2:09)
22. We Were All Just the English (1:36)
23. Black Eyed Mog (2:23)
24. He Drowned Himself (2:06)
25. Soldiers on Patrol (1:45)
26. The Water Wheel (1:44)
27. After I Fade Into You (1:45)
28. Hoxem (1:16)
29. I Sometimes Wonder if There’s Horror in Us All (1:36)
30. Red in Tooth and Claw (1:14)
31. Hate Is a Lot Warmer Than a Bear Skin Coat (2:54)
32. I Reckon We Could Part the Clouds If We Wanted To (1:00)
33. Keep Playing (0:54)
34. I’ll Tell Your Story! (2:04)
35. It’s a Shock to See the Exact Value of a Man’s Life Laid on a Table (1:16)
36. Then You and I, We’re Looking at the Same Road (2:56)
37. Tell Her to Put It On (1:16)
38. Thomas Trafford (1:23)
39. The Sheriff (2:24)
40. Fence Line (1:02)
41. Corporal McClintock (1:06)
42. Not Until Every Last One’s on That Wall (2:05)
43. David Melmont (4:35)
44. The End (2:03)
45. Epilogue: White Moon (3:36)

Here’s the cover art of the CD version of the original soundtrack album: