Silva Screen Records has announced the details of the soundtrack albums for this year’ Doctor Who specials, Eve of the Daleks, Legend of the Sea Devils and The Power of the Doctor. The albums feature the original music from the Series 13 special episodes composed by Segun Akinola (The Last TreeStephen9/11: Inside the President’s War Room). The Eve of the Daleks album will be released digitally on December 2 (click here to stream/download), followed by the Legend of the Sea Devils soundtrack on December 9 (visit Amazon to stream/download) and the The Power of the Doctor album on December 16 (click here to stream/download). A 3-CD set featuring all three albums will be coming out on January 13, 2023. The label has previously released four soundtracks featuring Akinola’s music from Series 11Series 12 & Series 13 and last year’s New Year’s special Revolution of the Daleks. The Doctor Who specials created by Chris Chibnall and starring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor and Mandip Gill & John Bishop as Yasmin Khan & Dan Lewis premiered this past January, April and October in the UK on BBC One and in the U.S. on BBC America.

Here’s the track list and cover art of the Eve of the Daleks album:

1. Here We Are Again (2:17)
2. Out Of Service (3:27)
3. I Am Not Nick (2:33)
4. Deja Vu (3:39)
5. The Correction (3:06)
6. Sorry Sorry Sorry (1:09)
7. Not A Great Plan (6:57)
8. Took You Long Enough (8:44)
9. We Will Not Stop (3:50)
10. We Go Again and We Win (4:01)
11. The Doctor Cannot Save You (3:29)
12. A Brilliant Plan (3:56)
13. Important Stuff to Do (4:11)
14. Fireworks (3:06)

Here’s the track list and cover art of the Legend of the Sea Devils album:

1. You Have No Idea What You’re Doing (2:48)
2. Catching a Whopper (3:56)
3. Pirate Queen (7:33)
4. Who Wants to Be Next? (5:07)
5. Celestial Navigation (4:00)
6. Going Up (7:26)
7. Say Hello to My Crew (5:18)
8. This Is Gonna Be Tricky (4:49)
9. A Good Legend (6:07)

Here’s the track list and cover art of the The Power of the Doctor album:

1. You Shall Not Disrupt Our Mission (6:54)
2. We Should Go In (2:52)
3. Why Would I Ever Trust You? (7:00)
4. Dealing with Multiple Somethings (6:38)
5. Magnificent Attention to Detail (3:20)
6. A Calculated Risk (5:40)
7. Say Hello to My Friends (4:34)
8. I Am The Doctor (2:37)
9. We Are Not Finished (6:02)
10. What’s The Plan? (7:47)
11. Reunite (7:17)
12. All Hands On Deck (3:30)
13. Activate Everything (6:11)
14. She’s The Doctor (7:20)