Saunder Jurriaans & Danny Bensi (OzarkBoy ErasedThe GiftEnemy, The White Tiger, The Devil All the Time, Martha Marcy May Marlene) are the composers of the new BBC limited series The Girl Before. The show is written by JP Delaney based on his best-selling novel of the same title and stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, Jessica Plummer and Ben Hardy. The 4-part psychological thriller tells the story of a woman who gets the chance to move into a beautiful, ultra-minimalist house designed by an enigmatic architect, with just one catch: the occupants must abide by his list of exacting rules. Marissa Lestrade serves as a co=writer and Lisa Brühlmann (Blue My Mind) directed all episodes. Delaney & Brühlmann are also executive producing the project with 42;s Eleanor Moran (The English Game, Traitors), Rory Aitken (The Courier, Military Wives) & Ben Pugh (Welcome to the Punch, Collide) and BBC’s Ben Irving (His Dark Materials, Doctor Who). Bensi & Jurriaans have previously scored 42’s feature The Autopsy of Jane Doe produced by Aitken & Pugh. The Girl Before will premiere in the UK this Sunday, December 19 on BBC One and will debut in the U.S. next year on HBO Max.

Also coming up for Bensi & Jurriaans is Charlie McDowell’s feature Windfall, the Netflix series Pieces of Her and the fourth and final season of Ozark (premiering on January 21, 2022)