Soundtrack Magazine has announced the world premiere soundtrack release for the 2014 Chinese drama Blind Massage directed by Lou Ye and starring Guo Xiaodong, Qin Hao and Zhnag Lei. The album features the film’s original music composed by Academy Award nominee Jóhann Jóhannsson (Sicario, The Theory of Everything, Arrival, Prisoners, Mandy) & Jonas Colstrup (Tigers, The Shadow Play, In the Blood). Visit the label’s official website for more details and to order the limited edition CD. Blind Massage is based on the novel of the same name by Bi Feiyu and revolves around a group of blind employees at a massage parlor. The movie, which premiered at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival and was released in Chinese theaters later that year, received multiple Golden Horse Awards, including the prize Best Feature Film.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Dr. Wang (2:45)
2. Beauty (2:00)
3. We are One (1:02)
4. Sight of Love (2:50)
5. Desire: Stirring (0:39)
6. Desire: Xiao Kong (1:09)
7. Desire: Forbidden (0:42)
8. Desire: Xiao Man (2:31)
9. My Blood Wants to Cry (2:54)
10. Stray (1:40)
11. Unspoken Admiration (2:17)
12. If There is an Afterlife (2:09)
13. Fate (2:04)
14. Blind Massage (9:08)

The label has also announced the world premiere CD release of Jóhannsson’s & Colstrup’s score for Ye’s 2018 crime thriller The Shadow Play starring Jing Boran, Sandra Ma, Win Hao , Michelle Chen and Song Jia. The music has previously released as a limited vinyl edition in 2019 and has been re-edited and sequenced for the new release. Visit Soundtrack Magazine’s website for the full album details and to pre-order the CD.