Milan Records will release the official soundtrack album for the Amazon original movie Bliss. The album features the film’s original music composed by Will Bates (UnbelievableAwayThe MagiciansI Origins, The Path, The Looming Tower, Another Earth).  Also included is the original song You And I written by Bates and featuring vocals by Skye Edwards of Morcheeba (click here to stream/download the track and check out the official music video after the jump). The soundtrack will be released digitally on February 5 and is now available for pre-order here. Bliss is written and directed by Mike Cahill and stars Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson, Madeline Zima, Nesta Cooper and Joshua Leonard. The sci-fi drama tells the story of an unfulfilled man who, after recently being divorced and then fired, meets a mysterious woman living on the streets and convinced that the polluted, broken world around them is just a computer simulation. The movie will premiere on February 5 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. You And I – Will Bates & Skye Edwards (3:39)
2. This Is Real Life (2:30)
3. The Inside Of Your Head Must Be Amazing (3:16)
4. Rabbit Hole (1:42)
5. Trying To Reach You (1:20)
6. Kendo (3:09)
7. Light Bouncing Around Your Neurons (2:01)
8. You Have To See It For Yourself (2:14)
9. Great Overwhelming (2:06)
10. The Thought Visualizer (2:34)
11. Home (3:29)
12. Let’s Go For A Swim (2:01)
13. Are You Really Here (1:30)
14. It Would Be My honor (1:07)
15. The Telekinetic Warrior (1:15)
16. My Braids Dad (3:10)
17. The Scenic Route (1:04)
18. Hotel Pleiades (2:54)
19. Blues Here We Come (2:23)
20. We’re Back In (2:59)
21. Go (2:08)
22. Safe Harbor (2:40)
23. You’re Here (1:38)
24. You And I (Fall On Your Sword Remix) – Will Bates & Skye Edwards (5:44)