Wave Theory Records has announced the world premiere soundtrack release for the 1977 drama 3 Women directed by Robert Altman and starring Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Janice Rule. The album features the original country music from the movie were written by Altman’s long-time associate and friend, Allan Nicholls, alongside the film’s music editor, Tom Walls, and songwriter Jeff Wilson and performed by the Desert Centre Country Band and supporting vocal performances from Vince Gill, Marti Gwynn, Jo Ann Harris, Janis Oliver, John Considine and Nicholls himself. The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, October 23. The streaming/download link will be added to this article later this week. 3 Women is now available on VOD and Blu-ray & DVD as part of the Criterion Collection.

Here’s the album track list:

1. When You Can’t Find Love (You Can Find Me) (ft. Janis Oliver & Vince Gill)
2. I’ll Keep on Walking (ft. Janis Oliver)
3. Desert Center Country Radio Break 1 (ft. Janis Oliver, Vince Gill and David Mansfield)
4. Drink Until I Drop (ft. Allan Nicholls)
5. I Need Your Love Today (ft. Marti Gwinn)
6. Desert Center Country Radio Break 2 (ft. David Mansfield)
7. How You Hold Me (ft. Vince Gill)
8. Loaded (ft. John Considine)
9. Desert Center Country Radio Break 3 (ft. Janis Oliver, Vince Gill and David Mansfield)
10. When Will I See You Again? (ft. Jo Ann Harris)