La-La Land Records has announced a new soundtrack album for the classic sci-fi series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea created by Irwin Allen based on his 1961 feature of the same title and starring Richard Basehart, David Hedison, Robert Dowdell, Henry Kulky and Terry Becker. The album features selections of the original music from the series composed by Jerry Goldsmith (The Omen, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Chinatown), Alexander Courage (Star Trek: The Original Series, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace), Robert Drasnin (Mission: Impossible), Lennie Hayton (Side Street), Joseph Mullendore (Lost in Space, Land of the Giants), Nelson Riddle (Batman, Lolita), Paul Sawtell (It! The Terror from Beyond Space, The Lost World) , Herman Stein (Backlash) and Leith Stevens (The War of the Worlds). The 4-CD set is limited to 1,000 copies and will be available to order on the label’s official website later today.