TLM Music will release a soundtrack album for the new live-action movie adaptation of The Little Mermaid. The album features the the film’s original score composed and conducted by Jeremy Rubolino (Walt Before Mickey), as well the songsĀ When This Story Ends performed by lead actress Poppy Drayton and This Heart of Mine performed by Sophia Pizzulo. The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, August 17 and will be available to download on Amazon. The Little Mermaid is directed by Blake Harris & Chris Bouchard and stars Drayton, William Moseley, Armando Gutierrez, Loreto Peralta and Shirley MacLaine. The movie based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story tells the story of a young reporter and his niece as hey discover a beautiful and enchanting creature, which they believe to be the real little mermaid. The family fantasy adventure will be released in over 200 AMC theaters this weekend. Visit the official movie website for more information.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. When This Story Ends (feat. Poppy Drayton) (3:07)
2. Main Title (2:59)
3. Story Time (3:27)
4. Miracle Elixir (1:22)
5. The Tree House (feat. Daniela Viegener) (0:44)
6. The Fortune Teller (1:51)
7. Seeing the Mermaid (1:31)
8. Stay Out of It (1:00)
9. Cam and the Elephant (2:57)
10. Stay Away from Her (1:22)
11. Mermaids Do Not Exist (feat. Forrest Gray) (1:04)
12. My Mother Used to Swim With Me (1:41)
13. The Kiss (1:48)
14. I Have to Go (1:53)
15. I Was Free (2:12)
16. What Happened? (feat. Forrest Gray) (0:59)
17. Locked in a Cage (3:23)
18. Elizabeth Goes Missing (1:07)
19. Train Fight (feat. Daniela Viegener) (0:39)
20. She’s Changing! (1:12)
21. Locke Fights Back (1:37)
22. Nothing in This World Is Free (2:01)
23. Saving Elizabeth (3:07)
24. The Water Is Magic (2:36)
25. The Fairies Are out Today / End Titles (2:13)
26. This Heart of Mine (feat. Sophia Pizzulo) (2:44)