golden-globesAlexandre Desplat has received his second Golden Globe Awards in the Original Score category for Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water. He previously received a Golden Globe for his music for The Painted Veil. Check out the composer’s acceptance speech after the jump. The other composers nominated in the Best Original Score category were Carter Burwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Jonny Greenwood (Phantom Thread), John Williams (The Post) and Hans Zimmer (Dunkirk). In the Original Song category, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul won the award for the song This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. They previously received a Golden Globe last year for writing the lyrics for City of Stars from La La Land.

  1. Bernd-Helmut Heine says:

    Congratulations, Alex! Can´t wait to hear the score (and see the film). Quite possible that he´ll get the “Best Score Oscar”, too. 2017 was quite a good year for him anyway (“Shape of Water”, “Valerian”, “Suburbicon”,…). Best wishes for 2018, Monsieur Desplat!

  2. really really enjoyed this score!!

  3. Dono says:

    Well deserved. To be fair, the competition was weak (the only other nominated score i enjoyed so far was Phantom Thread, the rest was just meh), but still, a great recognition to one of the most dedicated and creative composers living today.

    The Best Original Song category, on the other hand, was just underwhelming.

  4. Justin says:

    The competition has been weak since the 1990’s. And even then it paled in comparison to the competition of the 1980’s and before.

    • Dono says:

      To be clear, i don’t think there is a shortage of decent film music, but most of the nominated scores only get any attention because of the movies they are attached to. For example, Carter Burwell’s music for Wonderstruck is waaay better than his forgettable effort for Three Billboards, but that movie wasn’t the critical darling that Three Billboards was, and because of that it got snubbed.

  5. Roger says: