the-voicesComposer Olivier Bernet is reuniting with director Marjane Satrapi on the upcoming dark crime comedy The Voices. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick and Jacki Weaver and follows a lovable but disturbed factory worker with an evil talking cat, a benevolent talking dog and a peculiar relationship with a woman in accounting. Michael R. Perry (Paranormal Activity 2, The River) has written the screenplay. Matthew Rhodes (Southland Tales, Passengers), Adi Shankar, Roy Lee (The Lake HouseOldboyThe Strangers) and Spencer Silna (Main Street) are producing the Mandalay Vision and Vertigo Entertainment production. Bernet has previously collaborated with Satrapi on the Academy Award-nominated animated feature Persepolis and the comedy drama Chicken with Plums. The Voices will premiere later this month at the Sundance Film Festival.