bonnie-and-clydePremiering tonight on the History, Lifetime and A&E networks is the mini-series Bonnie & Clyde directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) and starring Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger, Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Sarah Hyland, Elizabeth Reaser, Lane Garrison, Austin Hebert and Dale Dickey. The music of the two-parter is composed by John Debney (The Passion of the Christ, Elf, Hatfield & McCoys). La-La Land Records will release a soundtrack album featuring the composer’s music on December 10. Check out our previous article for the full album details and more information about the series. Also click here to listen to a tracks from the score.

hats-off-to-christmasPremiering on Saturday, December 14 is the Hallmark original movie Hats Off to Christmas! directed by Terry Ingram, executive produced by Dan Paulson and Shawn Williamson and starring Haylie Duff, Antonio Cupo and Sean Michael Kyer. Hal Beckett (The Wishing Tree) and Marc Baril (Blind Detective, Crash Bandicoot & The Simpsons: Hit & Run video games) have composed the film’s original score. The movie follows a young, widowed mother who finds herself falling for the businessman that took her job promotion and must decide if he is the Christmas miracle she has been waiting for. Hats Off to Christmas will air on December 14 on the Hallmark Channel. To learn more about the film, visit the official movie website.