James Horner scoring ‘Cristiada’

Posted: January 24, 2011 by filmmusicreporter in Film Scoring Assignments
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According to AsturScore, James Horner is scoring the upcoming historical drama Cristiada. Horner’s involvement has been confirmed to the site by the film’s production company NewLand Films and the assignment has also been reported on the film’s official Facebook page. The movie chronicles the Cristeros War (1926-1929), which was touched off by a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt to secularize the country. The film is directed by Dean Wright, who makes his directorial debut and has previously worked as a visual effects producer and supervisor on such movies as The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Return of the King, as well as the first two movies in The Chronicles of Narnia series. Cristiada stars Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, Bruce Greenwood, Nestor Carbonell and Peter O’Toole. The movie marks James Horner’s first scoring assignment since last year’s hit remake of The Karate Kid. The film is currently in post-production and no information on a release date has been announced. For more information on the project, visit the official movie webpage.