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Stephen Barton is the composer of the upcoming thriller Unlocked. The film is directed by Michael Apted (The World Is Not Enough, Nell, Gorillas in the Mist, Class Action) and stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette and John Malkovich. The movie follows a female CIA interrogator who unwittingly provides information to terrorists and then must race against the […]

Intrada Records has announced a new soundtrack release for the 1983 crime thriller Gorky Park directed by Michael Apted (The World Is Not Enough, Nell, Gorillas in the Mist) based on the Martin Cruz Smith novel and starring William Hurt, Lee Marvin, Brian Dennehy and Joanna Pacula. The album features the film’s expanded score composed […]

Intrada Records has announced a soundtrack album featuring the world premiere release of the scores for two movies from Paramount Pictures scored by composer Michael Small (Marathon Man, Klute, The Stepford Wives), including the music for the 1984 drama First Born directed by Michael Apted (Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro) and starring Peter Weller, Christopher Collet and Teri Garr. Also featured […]

Chad Fischer is scoring the upcoming drama Chasing Mavericks. The film stars Jonny Weston as Jay Moriarty, a world champion surfer from Northern California who made his reputation surfing Mavericks north of Half Moon Bay before dying in a diving accident at age 22. Gerard Butler stars as Frosty Hesson, the local legend who took […]