Back Lot Music and Intrada Records will release a soundtrack album for the family adventure Prancer: A Christmas Tale. The album features the film’s original music composed by Mark McKenzie (The Greatest MiracleBlizzard, Dragonheart: A New Beginning & Vengeance, The Ultimate Gift). The soundtrack will be release digitally tomorrow, November 22 (click here to stream/download). A CD version is expected to be available to order on Intrada’s official website later today and will also be available to purchase on Amazon. Prancer: A Christmas Tale is directed by Phil Hawkins and stars James Cromwell, Darcey Ewart, Sarah-Jane Potts, Aaron McCusker, Joseph Millson and Florisa Kamara. The movie follows a widowed grandfather who is visited by his family after he is forced to close his beloved hardware store, when a mysterious reindeer begins to appear around town. The film will be released on Digital HD and On Demand tomorrow by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment before coming out on Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, November 29.

Here’s the album track list:

1. I Can’t Wait to See You (1:06)
2. Nothing Is Beautiful Without You (2:28)
3. Love Arrives As a Reindeer (2:24)
4. Nothing Is Impossible (1:47)
5. The Greatest Gift Is Friendship (5:34)
6. Your Smile Lights Up the Room (4:01)
7. Woo-hoo She Likes You! (1:59)
8. She Was As Kind As the Day Is Long (4:42)
9. We Were Magic Together (2:43)
10. I Will Always Believe in You (2:15)
11. This Feels Like Home (1:39)
12. My Tears and the Magic of Your Light (1:49)
13. I Can Be Closed Off Sometimes (2:05)
14. Prancer Dances (1:00)
15. Healing Memories (1:32)
16. I Have to Thank You (2:10)
17. Silent Night Hug (2:24)
18. It’s Time to Celebrate (1:03)
19. Love As Though You’ve Never Been Hurt (2:27)
20. Prancer: A Christmas Tale Suite (6:13)