Milan Records will release the official soundtrack album for the sci-fi adventure The Tomorrow War. The album features the film’s original music composed by Lorne Balfe (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, His Dark MaterialsBad Boys for LifeThe Lego Batman MovieGenius, The Crown). The soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, July 2 and will be available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. The Tomorrow War is directed by Chris McKay and starring Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, Keith Powers, Betty Gilpin, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mike Mitchell, Sam Richardson and J.K. Simmons. The movie follows a family man who is drafted to fight in a future global war against a deadly alien species where the fate of humanity relies on his ability to confront the past.The film will premiere this Friday exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Multiply (2:54)
2. Spikes Attack (1:57)
3. Who’s With Us? (4:04)
4. Reunited (3:07)
5. Back to the Past (4:03)
6. The Tomorrow War (5:33)
7. The Whitespikes (4:01)
8. The Draft (4:41)
9. Goodbye (4:15)
10. So It Begins (8:21)
11. Fight (2:47)
12. Message From the Future (2:28)
13. The Nest (2:08)
14. Test Tubes (3:19)
15. The Cube (2:51)
16. Pushing (6:24)
17. Miami Dolphins Still Suck (1:52)
18. Colonel Forester (5:09)
19. Dan Forester (3:16)
20. Homecoming (2:17)

  1. Do you know the classical music at the end credits?