Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Ben Goldwasser (of the rock band MGMT) have composed the original music for the upcoming animated feature Where Is Anne Frank. The film is written and directed by Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir, The Congress) and features the voices of Emily Carey, Ruby Stokes, Sebastian Croft, Ralph Prosser and Michaël Maloney and Tracy Ann Oberman. The movie tells the story of Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend, the one that Anne devoted her entire diary to, as she magically comes to life at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and sets out on a relentless quest to find Anne. Eric Goossens & Anton Roebben are producing the project. Karen O has previously co-scored Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are (with Carter Burwell) and co-wrote an original song to the director’s Her, for which she received her first Academy Award nomination. Where Is Anne Frank will premiere next month at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.