Deadline is reporting that singer/songwriter and record producer Marc Anthony will serve as the executive music producer on the upcoming animated feature Koati. The film is directed by Rodrigo Perez-Castro and features the voices of Sofia Vergara, Adriana Barraza, Joe Manganiello, Eduardo Franco, Evaluna Montaner and Sebastián Villalobos. Julio Reyes Copello is producing the movie’s soundtrack, which will feature ten original songs by Latin music artists, and is also composing the original score. The animated comedy follows a free-spirited coatí, a fearless monarch butterfly and a hyperactive glass frog as they embark on an adventure to stop a coral snake from destroying their rainforest homeland and friends. Anabella Dovarganes-Sosa is producing the Upstairs Animation, Latin WE and Los Hijos de Jack production. Koati is set to be released in late 2021.