the-devils-dollsMovieScore Media has released a soundtrack album for the horror thriller The Devil’s Dolls. The album features the film’s original music composed by Holly Amber Church (Rites of Spring). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. The Devil’s Dolls is directed by Padraig Reynolds and stars Christopher Wiehl, Kym Jackson, Tina Lifford, Samantha Smith, Kennedy Brice, Brandon Johnson, Brea Grant and Yohance Mile. The movie revolves around a serial killer’s curse that unleashes a season of slaughter in the backwoods of Mississippi and is pitting a detective against the clock to save his daughter’s life. The slasher is being released today in select theaters and on VOD by IFC Midnight. Visit the official movie website for more information.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. A Plea to the Worry Dolls (4:25)
2. The Final Victim of Henry Leonard Bale (1:44)
3. The Beginning of the End (2:08)
4. Chloe (2:33)
5. The Box (2:42)
6. Chloe’s Fear (2:24)
7. The Seizure (3:00)
8. Henry’s Calling Card (2:28)
9. The Interrogation (2:30)
10. Where Is She? (2:20)
11. Daddy’s Here (1:49)
12. Lawnmower Laceration (1:31)
13. Something’s Wrong with Todd (2:21)
14. Matt and Chloe (1:52)
15. Where Is the Last Doll? (1:56)
16. Just Trust Me (1:57)
17. Della’s House (2:26)
18. A Pure Innocent (2:16)
19. Hate Me, Just Help Me (2:28)
20. The Lore of the Worry Dolls (3:28)
21. Darcy (2:40)
22. So Others Shall Live (5:29)
23. I Want to Keep You (3:02)