flemingIlan Eshkeri and Tim Wheeler have composed the score for the biographical mini-series Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond. The series is directed by Mat Whitecross (Road to Guantanamo) and stars Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming, alongside Laura Pulver, Lesley Manville, Rupert Evans, Annabelle Wallis, Anna Chancellor, Samuel West and Camilla Rutherford. The four-parter follows the author’s time with the British Naval Intelligence, which inspired him to invent super-spy James Bond. John Brownlow (Sylvia) and Don MacPherson (Entrapment) have written the script. Douglas Rae (Nowhere Boy, Becoming Jane, Camelot), Michael Parke and Robert Bernstein (The Water Horse, Diana) are executive producing the Ecosse Films production. Eshkeri & Wheeler have previously collaborated with Whitecross on his last two features Spike Island and Ashes. Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond will premiere on January 29, 2014 on BBC America. To learn more about the series, visit the official show website.

Eshkeri’s music is also featured in Carl Rinsch’s 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves and Ralph Fiennes’ The Invisible Woman starring Felicity Jones, both of which are currently playing in theaters.

  1. Garth says:

    Greetings, there was a classical piece of music in the background Just before the bomb dropped in episode 1 of Fleming. I cannot figure out the name or the composer – any ideas? thanks Garth

  2. sophie says:

    This is a begin of Andre Rieu’s The second waltz

  3. Kat says:

    There is music played in the first episode during the scene with Fleming as he is at the table being dismissed from his job as a stockbroker and he zones out and looks at his future wife. What is that song?

  4. Allm says:

    There is a piece of violin music accompanying the episode where Ann calls Fleming. What is it.

    • Allm says:

      The violin music I mentioned is near the end of season 1 episode 3

  5. Hale Bixby says:

    In Fleming Season 1 episode 2 who is the Portuguese singer/song in casino?