winnie-mandelaRCA Records will release a soundtrack album for the biographical drama Winnie Mandela. The album features the film’s original score composed and conducted by Laurent Eyquem (Copperhead). Also featured is the original end credits song Bleed for Love performed by Jennifer Hudson, written by Diane Warren and orchestrated, arranged and co-produced by Eyquem. The soundtrack will be released digitally on August 30, 2013 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Check out audio clips after the jump. Winnie Mandela is directed by Darrell Roodt and stars Jennifer Hudson in the title role. The movie follows both her personal and political life from her childhood through her marriage and the incarceration of her husband, played by Terrence Howard. The drama will be released in theaters on September 6, 2013.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Bleed For Love – Jennifer Hudson
2. Sunrise – Laurent Eyquem
3. A New Season – Laurent Eyquem
4. Halleluja (La Passionata) – St. Teresa’s Intermediate School Choir
5. Sound of Hope – Laurent Eyquem
6. Enchantment – Laurent Eyquem
7. You Could – Sidney James
8. Jozi Jive ’55 – Ben Amato
9. Dreams – Laurent Eyquem
10. A Wedding Song – Laurent Eyquem
11. Lakutshon Ilanga – Manhattan Brothers
12. On the Run – Laurent Eyquem
13. Anxious Moments – Laurent Eyquem
14. Death Sentence – Laurent Eyquem
15. Passing of Time – Laurent Eyquem
16. Lovers in Prison – Laurent Eyquem
17. Freedom – Laurent Eyquem
18. Nguye Lo – Twalamato
19. Separation – Laurent Eyquem
20. Winter Clouds – Laurent Eyquem
21. Separation / Isolation – Laurent Eyquem
22. Memories – Laurent Eyquem