Michael Giacchino on ‘Cars 2’

Posted: June 14, 2011 by filmmusicreporter in Composer Interviews
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Michael Giacchino has been doing a lot of interviews lately about his score for Pixar’s animated film Cars 2. The Pixar Podcast recently featured a 30-minute conversation with Giacchino talking about his work on the Pixar film, his collaboration with director John Lasseter, the difference between working on film and TV, his thematic approach and his thoughts on today’s film music. The full audio interview can be found here and parts of the interview have also been published in written form at Pixar Talk and Pixar Times. The soundtrack album for Cars 2 is coming out today on Walt Disney Records and is available to order and download on Amazon. Check out the audio clips below for a preview of each track. Latino Review has also posted a new interview with the composer where he talks about his fourth score for Pixar, working on animated films in general and his Oscar win for Up.

Also visit Movieweb and Collider for lengthty interviews with Giacchino about his experience on Cars 2 that were posted earlier this year. Also check out a short video interview and some footage from the recording sessions of the animated film below.