past-lifeMovieScore Media has released a soundtrack album for the Israeli thriller Past Life. The album features the film’s original music composed by Cyrille Aufort (A Royal AffairSpliceMarch of the Penguins 2Ombline), as well as additional music by Avner Dorman and Ella Milch-Sheriff. The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. Past Life is written and directed by Avi Nesher and stars Nelly Tagar, Joy Rieger, Doron Tavory, Evgenia Dodina, Tom Avni, Rafael Stachowiak, Muli Shulman, Katarzyna Gniewkowska, Gilat Ankori and Orna Rotenberg. The movie is set in 1977 and tells the rue story of two Israeli sisters who delve into the dark mystery of their father’s story of surviving World War II and discover that it may be more complicated than they originally believed. The thriller premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and is being released in select theaters this weekend by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Past Life Theme (2:51)
2. Hishki Hizki – The Thlema Yellin Alumni Choir (3:33)
3. Katowice (1:37)
4. Baruch’s Diary, Pt. 1 (2:58)
5. Photoshoot (2:18)
6. Dance Teacher (1:31)
7. Warsaw (3:20)
8. The Concert – Avner Dorman (3:07)
9. Baruch’s Diary, Pt. 2 (2:06)
10. Archives (4:35)
11. Zielinski (2:32)
12. Sefi’s Letter (1:48)
13. Berlin (2:43)
14. The Time Will Come – Ella Milch-Sheriff & The Israel Camerata Jerusalem with The Thlema Yellin Alumni Choir (3:56)
15. Baruch and Agnieszka (2:03)
16. Past Life End Credits (2:50)
17. Cantique de Jean Racine – The Thlema Yellin Alumni Choir (5:29)