total-recallQuartet Records has released a new soundtrack album for the 1990 sci-fi action thriller Total Recall directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. The album features the film’s original original score composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Alien, Planet of the Apes, The Omen) who later collaborated with the director two more times on Basic Instinct and Hollow Man. The 2-CD set release, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of the movie, features the composer’s complete score on the first disc (including previously unreleased music), and the content of the 1990 soundtrack album, as well as alternates and source cues on the second disc. For the full album details and to listen to audio samples, visit the label’s official website, where you can also order the limited soundtrack edition.

tom-sawyerThe label has also announced a new soundtrack album for the 1973 movie musical Tom Sawyer directed by Don Taylor and starring Johnny Whitaker, Jeff East, Celeste Holm, Warren Oates and Jodie Foster. The album features the songs from the film written by Richard Sherman and Robert Sherman (Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book), as well as the musical underscore from the movie composed by John Williams (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). Visit Quartet Records’ official website for the full album details, to listen to audio samples and to order the 2-CD set, which is limited to 1500 copies.

Quartet’s other new releases include a concert suite compilation featuring a number of suites from the scores of composer Fernando Velazquez (The ImpossibleThe Orphanage), as well as the orchestral album Canzoni per il Cinema, which features a selections of popular songs written for movies by Pino Donaggio (CarrieBlowout) in new orchestral arrangements.