Decca Records will be releasing the soundtrack album for the action comedy Attack the Block in the US. The soundtrack includes the original score from the film by Steven Price, as well as the songs The Ends by Basement Jaxx and Get That Snitch by Mikis Michaelides. The album has previously only be released overseas and will be coming out stateside on July 26, 2011. The soundtrack will be available to download on Amazon. Check out audio clips from all tracks below. Attack the Block is directed by Joe Cornish and stars Jodie Whittaker and Nick Frost. The movie follows a London gang of inner-city kids fighting alien creatures. The film was released this spring in the UK. Screen Gems has picked up domestic rights and will release the comedy on July 29. To learn more about the movie, visit the official movie website and Facebook movie page.

Here’s the album tracklist:

1. The Block
2. Sam Is Mugged
3. Round Two Bruv
4. It’s Raining Gollums
5. Tooling Up
6. Moses Is Arrested
7. Tell Me I’m Dreaming
8. Throat Ripper
9. Rooftops
10. Moses – Ninja
11. Just Another Day
12. They Want Moses
13. Actions Have Consequences
14. Eat My Hat – Steven Price
15. They Fell Out Of The Sky – Steven Price
16. I Need To Finish What I Started – Steven Price
17. Turn The Gas Up
18. Moses vs The Monsters
19. Moses The Hero – Steven Price
20. The Ends – Basement Jaxx