Silva Screen Records has announced a soundtrack album for the BBC drama Steeltown Murders. The album features the show’s original music composed by Sarah Warne (Humans, Des, Time, Hollington Drive, The Drowning, Dark Money) and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. The soundtrack will be released digitally next Friday, June 16 and will be available to stream/download here. Steeltown Murders is written by Ed Whitmore and stars Philip Glenister, Steffan Rhodri, Sharon Morgan, Keith Allen, Scott Arthur, Priyanga Burford and Siôn Alun Davies. The 4-part drama directed by Marc Evans depicts the hunt for “The Saturday Night Strangler” who terrorized Port Talbot in the 1970s and reveals how the mystery was solved almost 30 years later using pioneering DNA evidence. The series premiered in the UK over the last few weeks on BBC One and is also available to stream on the BBCiPlayer. No word yet on a domestic premiere date.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Steeltown Murders (Main Titles) (1:20)
2. Are You Sure There Wasn’t a Link? (1:19)
3. Free Souls (1:01)
4. Good Night (3:43)
5. I Want to Get Started (0:46)
6. A Minute of Your Time (0:43)
7. For Us or for the Victims? (1:15)
8. Keeping an Open Mind (1:01)
9. The Grief of a Community (1:29)
10. Paul Was Right (3:01)
11. E-Fit (2:14)
12. Revisiting John Morgan (1:21)
13. Taking Dai’s DNA (1:38)
14. Meeting Willoughby (2:00)
15. Double Allele (1:50)
16. 13 Names (1:24)
17. Try Anything (0:41)
18. Thank You for Your Time (0:55)
19. Running to Remember or Running to Forget (0:46)
20. Case Closed (1:45)
21. One Man Is Responsible (2:02)
22. Making It Right (1:47)
23. Are We Doing the Right Thing? (0:30)
24. Imagine Being the Father (1:27)
25. I Need This (1:55)
26. Waiting for the News (3:03)
27. Making Sense of It Part I (4:34)
28. Making Sense of It Part II (2:18)