Maisie Music Publishing will release a soundtrack album for the Netflix anime series Super Crooks. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by DJ/record producer Towa Tai (Big Man Japan). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, November 27 and will be available to stream/download here. A CD and vinyl edition will be released by Columbia Records Japan on December 10 and is available to order as an import on Amazon. Super Crooks is written by Dai Sato based on the graphic novel of the same name by Mark Millar and artist Leinil Yu, directed by Motonobu Hori and produced by Japanese anime studio bones. The series follows a crew of small-time crooks with super powers who are recruited by Johnny Bolt for one last heist targeting a ruthless super-powered crime boss. The show’s first season premiered this past Thursday and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Alpha (feat. Taprikk Sweezee) (3:51)
2. Johnny (2:59)
3. Sexy Kasey (2:46)
4. Super Crooks (3:04)
5. Sense of Crisis (3:30)
6. Sugar (feat. UA) (3:54)
7. Moss Covered Roots (3:52)
8. Kasey (3:51)
9. Intrigue (2:53)
10. Bastard (1:52)
11. Awakening (2:19)
12. Kasey Reprise (2:49)

  1. nailah says:

    please for the love of God tell me the song that is played in the beginning of episode three where it sounds like the woman is repeatedly saying “the end”