Lakeshore Records has released a soundtrack album for the HBO original documentary Love Express: The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk . The album features the film’s original music composed by Stefan Wesołowski (Wolf). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music service to stream/download the soundtrack and to check out audio samples. Love Express is directed by Kuba Mikurda and investigates the work of Walerian Borowczyk, a director of unparalleled creativity & sensitivity, revered in the 1970s for creations including Goto, Island of Love, The Beast & Immoral Tales. The movie features interviews with his closest collaborators and filmmakers, including Bertrand Bonello, Neil Jordan, Patrice Leconte and Terry Gilliam. The documentary was released in select theaters this past summer by Altered Innocence and is now available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Noël (2:26)
2. Boro (3:42)
3. Who Is Not A Pervert? (3:37)
4. Terry Gilliam is Jealous (1:38)
5. Goto (0:53)
6. Lisbeth (2:25)
7. It Was The Beginning, And Actually, The End (9:08)
8. Disney is More Erotic (2:25)
9. The Beast (6:30)
10. Emmanuelle V (2:09)
11. The End (2:26)