Spinnup has released two soundtrack albums for the second and third part in the Intrigo trilogy,¬†Intrigo: Dear Agnes and Intrigo: Samaria. The album features the films’ original music composed by Klas Wahl & Anders Niska (Swedish Dicks,¬†Farang) who previously scored the first installment, Intrigo: Death of an Author. Click here to stream/download the Intrigo: Dear Agnes album and click here to stream/download the Intrigo: Samaria soundtrack. Both movies are directed by Daniel Alfredson and are based on the bestseller by Hakan Nesser. Dear Agnes starring Carla Juri, Gemma Chan & Jamie Sives follows a wealthy woman who wants to get rid of her cheating husband and offers money to a widowed friend to murder him. Samaria starring Phoebe Fox, Andrew Buchan & Millie Brady centers on two college friends who team up to uncover the truth about a classmate who was murdered many years before-and learn shocking truths about one another. Both films were released in the U.S. on VOD this past May by Lionsgate.

Here’s the track list of the Intrigo: Dear Agnes album:

1. Beginning of an End (1:33)
2. Funeral (2:54)
3. He Is Special (2:54)
4. Bed Station (4:42)
5. Love You for This (3:45)
6. Waking Up (2:33)
7. What the Hell Happened (0:35)
8. Our Secret Treasure (3:32)
9. The Dream (2:10)
10. Silvering Hotell (4:46)
11. Whitgenstein (1:19)
12. When This Is Over (1:25)

Here’s the cover art and track list of the Intrigo: Samaria album:

1. Samaria Intro (3:15)
2. I’m Gonna Do This Film (1:42)
3. Like Samaria (2:40)
4. A Train (1:36)
5. Can I Borrow the Car (1:56)
6. Degree (4:05)
7. Prison (2:29)
8. Emil Bachman (3:12)
9. Love (2:08)
10. Improper Behaviour (2:37)
11. Break Up (3:23)
12. The Pier (2:21)