Dine Alone Music has released a soundtrack album for the horror movie Random Acts of Violence. The album features the film’s original score composed by Wade MacNeil and Andrew Gordon Macpherson (Dark Side of the Ring, The Ranger). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music store to stream/download the soundtrack or to listen to audio samples. A vinyl edition is available to order here. Random Acts of Violence is directed by Jay Baruchel and stars Jordana Brewster, Baruchel himself, Jesse Williams and Niamh Wilson. The movie follows a comic book creator, his wife, assistant and best friend as they embark upon a road trip from Toronto to NYC comic con, when bad things start to happen. The slasher film premiered at last year’s Fantastic Fest and premiered in the U.S. on Shudder this past August (and also received a theatrical release in Canada this summer).

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. There Can Be No Beginning (0:59)
2. Slasherman Theme Song (2:10)
3. Welcome To McBain (0:49)
4. Curious Ghost (0:41)
5. Kathy’s Book (1:05)
6. From Myth To Man (4:27)
7. 1, 12, 18 (1:37)
8. Albany (0:34)
9. The Tryptch (2:32)
10. The Churn (5:42)
11. Who Comes Up With This Stuff (4:31)
12. Albany (Reprise) (0:40)
13. 4, 8, 35 (3:29)
14. Return To McBain (4:03)
15. I Can’t Wait To Show You (2:12)
16. I Won’t Scream For You (1:57)
17. Last Page (0:41)
18. Our Ending (14:52)
19. Heartland At Night (1:35)