Back Lot Music & Universal Television will release a soundtrack album for the Netflix original series Away. The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Will Bates (Unbelievable, I Origins, The MagiciansThe Looming TowerNightflyers). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, September 16 and will be available to stream/download here. Away is created by Andrew Hinderaker and stars Hilary Swank, Josh Charles, Vivian Wu, Mark Ivanir, Ato Essandoh, Ray Panthaki and Talitha Bateman. The sci-fi drama executive produced by Jason Katims, Matt Reeves & Jessica Goldberg revolves around an American astronaut who leaves behind her husband and daughter to lead an international crew of astronauts on a perilous three-year mission to Mars. The series premiered earlier this month and is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Lunar Base Alpha (1:18)
2. The Atlas Crew (1:28)
3. I Love You Shithead (1:06)
4. Launch (3:41)
5. Making My Way Back To You (2:12)
6. Reaching For Mars (1:26)
7. Hows The View? (1:17)
8. Calligraphy (1:46)
9. Cracking Up (1:42)
10. Spacewalk (2:25)
11. Open The Hatch (1:14)
12. I Just Need My Wife (1:58)
13. Going Home (0:57)
14. Anything Is Possible (1:57)
15. I Need You To Go (3:09)
16. Etude De Main Droit (1:25)
17. Ice Harvest (4:05)
18. Last Words (3:29)
19. Forgetting (1:25)
20. Descent (4:02)
21. Anyone Wanna Go Again? (4:02)
22. Atlas (2:56)