A soundtrack EP has been released for the indie drama Firecrackers. The EP features the film’s original music composed by Casey MQ (aka Casey Manierka-Quaile). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Firecrackers is written and directed by Jasmin Mozaffari and stars Michaela Kurimsky and Karena Evans. The movie follows two teenage girl as they plan to get out of their isolated, run-down town and move to a city, when they run into problems. The drama premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and opened in Canadian theaters last month. Good Deed Entertainment has picked up domestic distribution rights for a release later this year.

Here’s the track list of the EP:

1. Endless Summer (1:00)
2. Suffocation (1:03)
3. Lou & Chantal (2:55)
4. Quiet Rest (5:04)
5. Sounds of an Empty Mall (2:30)
6. Far Far Away (7:48)