Columbia Records has released the two original songs from the animated feature Wonder Park, including Wonder performed by Rachel Platten and written by Anne Preven & the film’s composer Steven Price (Gravity, Suicide Squad). Click here to download the song, which is now available as a digital single. Also released as a single today is Hideaway written by Jonny Shorr, Katie Stump, Emily Kocontes and Will Jay and performed by Grace VanderWaal. Visit Amazon to download the track. Both songs can also be checked out after the jump. A full soundtrack album featuring Price’s score is now available on Sony Classical. Wonder Park is written and produced by Josh Applebaum & Andre Nemec and stars Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, John Oliver, Mila Kunis, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Norbert Leo Butz, Brianna Denski and Ken Hudson Campbell. The movie is being released theaters nationwide this weekend by Paramount Pictures. Visit the official movie website for more information.

Here’s the cover art of the Hideaway single:

  1. Farkus says:

    Grace VanderWaal is great! She is so underrated. She is going to be one of the biggest stars of this century in a few years. It was like Hideaway was written just for Grace. Her voice has an innocent maturity that lends itself perfectly to the song. It’s the same way with the movie, Stargirl. It was like it was written and just waiting for Grace to be born and become a teen so she could play the part. Grace is Stargirl.

  2. Robert says:

    As a fan of both of these lovely singers I have to say that Grace really outshines Rachel. I know it is not a competition but I followed Rachel for years before Grace came along. If you go back to the early teens you will find vocals from Rachel that are as pure and beautiful as Grace’s are.
    This song from the movie has the same sound that I believe the industry has pressed on Rachel since she broke out with Fight Song. For me the beauty of her voice and emotion are hidden and clouded by her later music. I still listen to the old Rachel and she can take me to many of the same places that Grace now takes me.
    Though Grace did not write this song, I agree with Farkus that it seems to have been written for her to sing, or perhaps it is as some have said…’she could sing the phone book and it would be a hit’. Listen to a few of her covers, then the originals. Grace is a force to be reckoned with, a game changer, and I believe the industry may just have to learn to live with what she brings.

  3. Tom Chatterton says:

    Hideaway is Pure Amazing Grace in all her Splendor! She ROCKS this Radio Edit, with smooth and sweet vocals, which is an even stronger version of the Soundtrack Song, which does not have the ADDED instruments, such as the Synthetic Steel Drums about 3/4ths into the Song. Absolutely GORGEOUS!
    I believe Grace had Creative Input on the Radio Edit, but even if Paramount owns this Song, she has Full Poetic License to sing it at her pleasure. So go for it Grace!

    I Predict this song is sooo Good… It is Nominated for AWARDS:
    * An Oscar Nomination for Best Song in an Animated Film
    * A People’s Choice Award for Best Song in an Animated Feature
    * A Grammy Nomination for Best Original Radio Edit of an Animated Film Soundtrack
    – This is in addition to anything coming out of StarGirl if it Premieres before the next Awards.
    Or, her 2019 additional Song Releases.

    If Hideaway does not get enough attention NOW… It certainty will once the Nominations are handed out in Early 2020. It’s that GOOD!