hushAlgorithm has released a soundtrack album for Mike Flanagan’s horror thriller Hush. The album features the film’s original music composed by The Newton Brothers (Oculus, Ouija 2, Life of Crime, Detachment, The Runner). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. Hush is co-written and directed by Flanagan and stars John Gallagher Jr., Michael Trucco, Kate Siegel (who also co-wrote the screenplay) and Samantha Sloyan. The movie produced by Jason Blum follows a deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life and must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her window. The thriller premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Maddie (1:23)
2. Hush (1:26)
3. A Violent Death (1:33)
4. Always Silent (1:52)
5. Not Alone (1:49)
6. Intruder (3:02)
7. Taking off the Mask (4:01)
8. On the Outside (1:30)
9. Against the Glass (1:00)
10. The Man (2:22)
11. No Escape (2:12)
12. Run for It (1:01)
13. Counter Attack (2:29)
14. Crossbow (4:14)
15. A Blow to the Head (2:16)
16. Kill Him ! (3:16)
17. Bruised & Broken (1:50)
18. Do It ! (2:31)
19. Losing Consciousness (1:14)
20. Alarm (0:19)
21. Aftermath (3:38)
22. Against the Odds (End Credits) (4:13)
23. Against the Odds (4:12)

  1. Sarah Bucher says:

    This movie was awesome!! It really inspired me at the end, that no matter what, you can defeat anything. Whether it be obstacles in your life, bad men, or even something such a being deaf. The soundtrack makes the movie all the more better! Thank you SO much for Hush.
    Sarah Bucher, 23. Richmond, IN.