american-sniperClint Eastwood has composed Taya’s Theme, the main theme music for his upcoming war drama American Sniper. The movie also features additional music by Joseph DeBeasi who serves as the music editor on the project. Also featured over the end credits sequence of the film is the track The Funeral from the 1965 western The Return of Ringo composed by Ennio Morricone. American Sniper stars Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Jake McDorman, Luke Grimes, Navid Negahan and Keir O’Donnell. The movie tells the story of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with the nickname “Legend” and 160 confirmed kills. Jason Hall (Paranoia, Spread) has written the screenplay based on Kyle’s autobiography. Cooper is also producing the project with Andrew Lazar (Space Cowboys, 10 Things I Hate About You), Robert Lorenz (Mystic River, Trouble with the Curve) and Peter Morgan (The Queen, Rush). The drama will be released on December 25, 2014 by Warner Bros. Pictures. To learn more about the film, visit the official movie website.

  1. tiago says:

    Oh, that’s sad. When I read the title, I hoped that Morricone would write the original score along with Eastwood.

  2. Justin Boggan says:

    Oh great, another meandering guitar piece that’s forgotten as soon as it’s heard. What a mess. This should have had an original score by Morricone PERIOD and Clint stay away from composing — it’s not his strong point. Especially for a film like this. I hope DeBeasi stepped up.

    Anthony Hopkins can friggin’ compose music, not Eastwood (no, REALLY, look for the CD compilation of Hopkin’s scoring).

    • Walt Coogan says:

      Many of Eastwood’s musical themes have proved memorable (especially “Claudia’s Theme” for “Unforgiven”), and whatever you think of them in the abstract, they expertly complement the tones and content of his films. Maybe you cannot “rock out” to them, but Eastwood is a mature filmmaker.

  3. tony macklin says:

    Guys, you’ll be surprised how strong Morricone’s music is during the final credit sequence. It helps make the film. Powerful, evocative, and moving.

  4. Jim Wilde says:

    I just listened to the “Funeral” piece at the end of the film. I have to say it is not just similar….but a copy of “Il Silenzio” by Nini Rossi. How did Morricone get away with that?

    • Hinch says:

      Absolutely correct – how the fuck does morricone/ eastwood get away with it.Total copy in every way- more dollars in the pocket…………..CUNTS TO THE END…..sorry got to go, just off to ‘write’ Beethovens ‘ninth !!!!!!

  5. Ken Kopp says:

    Please note that all the music for the 1965 film “Se Non Avessi Più Te” (If I Had More of You), in which trumpeter Nini Rosso’s rendition first appears, was in fact written by Ennio Morricone.

    The same Morricone piece, without Rosso’s sappy treatment and sentimental voice-over about a lonely soldier and his girlfriend, was first featured in the spaghetti Western “Il Ritorno di Ringo” (The Return of Ringo) by Duccio Tessari, also from 1965. In the latter film the tune appears in its intended funereal context.

    • Hinch says:

      Then I sincerely apologize to morricone/eastwood if that is indeed the case . ‘Sincerely’ being very ‘sincere’ – Is there any date/data proof of whose ripping who , off ? I’m very interested in the relevant facts of this-were there any court actions ?

  6. Nick B says:

    The music was written by Nini Rosso & Guglielmo Brezza…….Google it

  7. alessandro says:

    when this evening I lissened the song in the film end I said : “this song is “Il silenzio” plaid by Nini Rosso.

  8. Antonio Valenti says:

    The music is only directed by Morricone but it is the ‘Silence out of order’ of the Italian Armed Forces in the solo adaptation for trumpet by Nini Rosso