La-La Land Records has announced the world premiere release of the original score from the 1992 hit romantic thriller The Bodyguard directed by Mick Jackson and starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The music is composed by Academy Award-nominated composer Alan Silvestri (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future). The album is limited to 3500 copies and is available to order on the label’s website, where you can also listen to audio clips. The soundtrack features the score including material not used in the film, as well as a couple of bonus tracks. The original bestselling 1992 soundtrack album for The Bodyguard only included one track of Silvestri’s music in addition to the Academy Award-nominated original songs Run to You and I Have Nothing from the film.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Theme from The Bodyguard (2:44)
2. Watch and See/Meet Rachel*/Fletcher**/Can I Help You? (3:40)
3. Weirdo/Someone Was In Here (1:17)
4. Frank Unpacks* (1:24)
5. Followed/On the Job (3:08)
6. Just Dinner (1:02)
7. Walkman/Another One (3:20)
8. Not There (1:27)
9. Only If You Want To/I Know Why/Got You/The Glove/The Locker (3:06)
10. Be Careful**/I Don’t Approve*/The Sword (4:14)
11. Silly Job (0:54)
12. Well, Well, Well/Overlay (1:44)
13. What Are You Doing?/Where Is She?/I’m Through (3:24)
14. Snow/I Understand Now/Just One** (5:23)
15. How About That (3:14)
16. It Doesn’t Matter/Where’s Fletcher? (3:09)
17. Tell Me About It (4:20)
18. The Stairs/It’s Not Your Fault/Do You Mind? (3:01)
19. Relax a Little (1:32)
20. This is the Night/Coming Thrill/Portman/Please Welcome (3:00)
21. The Winner Is/Where’s Portman? (1:58)
22. Lunatic (3:15)
23. My Bodyguard/How’s It Going? (2:26)

Bonus Tracks

24. Theme from The Bodyguard (film mix) (2:44)
25. Meet Rachel (alternate) (0:49)
26. The Winner Is (alternate) (1:41)
27. It Doesn’t Matter (alternate) (1:32)
28. How’s It Going? (alternate) (1:21)
29. Party Piano (source) (2:28)
30. Theme from The Bodyguard (album alternate) (3:52)