Quartet Records has announced a new soundtrack album for the 1984 drama Thief of Hearts written and directed by Douglas Day Stewart and staring Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams and John Getz. The 2-CD set features the world premiere release of the complete original score from the Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films production composed by Harold Faltermeyer (Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, Beverly Hills Cop, Fletch, Tango & Cash, The Running Man), as well as unused cues and demos on the first disc and a remastered version of the original 1984 soundtrack album (released by MCA Records), as well as alternate versions of the songs on the second disc. Visit the label’s official website to order the album, which is limited to 1,500 copies, and to listen to audio samples. Thief of Hearts is now available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Here’s the track list of the album:

Disc 1:
1. Stolen Secrets (film version) (5:22)
2. Robbery Discovered / You’re a Bad Girl (1:42)
3. Second Journal – Food (1:21)
4. Watching You (1:14)
5. The Bath (2:07)
6. First Meeting – Eyes (unused) (1:04)
7. First Meeting – Fingers / I’ll Get That (0:49)
8. Second Robbery (1:06)
9. Marina / Oil (2:10)
10. Gun (0:49)
11. Seductions (3:05)
12. Third Robbery / What Am I Doing Here? (4:01)
13. Second Sailing (1:09)
14. Ray Chases Scott (2:03)
15. Rooftops / Motorcycle (4:19)
16. Office Fight (2:49)
17. He’s Gone / Final Confrontation (6:35)
18. BONUS TRACKS: The Bath (early version) (2:17)
19. What Am I Doing Here? (extended early version) (3:33)
20. Ray Chases Scott (early version) (2:06)
21. Romantic Theme I (demo) (3:06)
22. Romantic Theme II (early demo) (3:04)
23. Chase (demo) (2:49)
24. Romantic Theme II (demo) (3:08)

Disc 2:

1.-10. Content of the original 1984 soundtrack album
Bonus Tracks:
11. Love in the Shadows (Single Version) – E.G. Daily (3:57)
12. Thief of Hearts (Dance Mix) – Melissa Manchester (6:14)
13. Love in the Shadows (Special Remix) – E.G. Daily (8:40)
14. Just Imagine (Way Beyond Fear) (instrumental) (4:35)
15. Love in the Shadows (instrumental) (4:32)

  1. Scorechaser19 says:

    Wonderful score!!

  2. Tj_fest says:

    Here is my overview of this new release:
    “When this film, with the participation of famous Hollywood producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson, was released, it did not become a hit, only recouping its production budget. But after a very short time, in the same 1984, they managed to return to the top Hollywood again, releasing the Beverly Hills Cop, which became a real hit. In addition to the famous production duo, both films also have another notable line-up – composer Harold Faltermeyer, who instantly became famous thanks to his iconic instrumental track “Axel F”. But, back to the Thief of Hearts …

    To emphasize the love component of the film – Faltermeyer composed a very beautiful romantic theme that sounds in different variations and tones. This theme of love can be found in such tracks: “You’re a Bad Girl”, “Second Journal – Food”, “The Bath”, “First Meeting – Fingers / I’ll Get That”, “Marina / Oil”, “Seductions “(This version of the love theme here sounds more expanded, richer and brighter. Especially considering that it was the most intimate and explicit scene in the film between the two main characters). And finally, the last time where the theme of love sounds in “He’s Gone”, but with an admixture of gloom. And this track smoothly transitions into the tense suspense track “Final Confrontation”. The track “First Meeting – Eyes” was not used in the film and sounds like it should sound like a love theme, but instead we hear the slow pulsing sounds of a synthesizer.
    For the robbery scenes, the composer composed a powerful theme, with a few slightly modified variations. This theme is heard in the tracks: “Stolen Secrets (film version)”, “Second Robbery” and “Third Robbery”. This is quite a rhythmic theme, somewhat reminiscent of a disco style. Tracks like “Ray Chases Scott” and “Motorcycle” have an energetic synth-pop feel.
    The rest of the ‘score presentation’ consists of dark and tense suspense tracks: “Robbery Discovered”, “Gun”, “What Am I Doing Here?”, “Rooftops”, “Office Fight” and “Final Confrontation”.
    The track “Watching You” has a pepful sound. And finally, the last track “Second Sailing” has a hint of a dreamy character. It sounds like another short love theme to me, but with a sadder vibe.
    Tracks 18-24 contain CD1 bonus material. There we can hear early (also demo) versions of key themes composed for the film.
    CD2 contains songs by various artists, as well as 5 instrumental cues by composer Faltermeyer, arranged for the album.
    I think that the remarkable feature of the original score is the memorable and very touching theme of love, which runs like a red thread through the whole film. For many years this theme was (and still is!) for me one of the most beautiful lyrical themes in the cinema of the 80s.
    Although Faltermeyer had prior experience in the film industry, collaborating with his mentor Giorgio Moroder, this score is his first major independent project, which I think he did very well. It is unlikely that this soundtrack will find many fans now, since it is composed in a completely electronic style and corresponds to the spirit of its time. But many fans of vintage electronic scores will find this release quite interesting.
    Thank you QUARTET RECORDS for digging up this little gem!”