Silva Screen Records has announced a soundtrack album for the documentary Missile from the East. The album features the film’s original music composed by Benji Merrison (SAS: Red Notice, The Beatles and India, General Magic) & Will Slater (Dynasties, The Green Planet). The soundtrack will be released digitally on December 9. Check back on this page for the streaming/download link. Missile from the East is directed by Justin Stokes and tells the true story of champion East German motorcycle racer Ernst Degner who risked his and his family’s life to defect to West Germany during the Swedish Grand Prix in 1961, taking MZ’s groundbreaking engine technology with him and helping Suzuki win its first Grand Prix Championship. The documentary is now available to stream in several markets on Apple TV+ & Amazon and in the U.S. on Popcornflix, among other platforms.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Change The World (2:20)
2. Another World (4:59)
3. Monza (3:42)
4. Degner’s Childhood (2:43)
5. Becoming World Champion (4:25)
6. MZ Workshop (3:19)
7. Ferry Boat to Freedom (2:15)
8. An Addiction (2:10)
9. Extreme System (5:00)
10. Clifftop Meeting (3:54)
11. House of Cards (3:27)
12. Gerda’s Defection (3:34)
13. Odd Jobs (2:49)
14. A Good Actor (1:45)
15. Degner’s World (2:07)