Unkle Productions will release a soundtrack album for the French TV series Inhuman Resources (Dérapages). The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by  Eric Neveux (The InsultThe Attack, Intimacy, A Stork’s JourneyZombillenniumSpirou & Fantasio’s Big Adventures).. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Inhuman Resources is written by Pierre Lemaitre & Perrine Margaine based on Lemaitre’s novel Cadres noirs, directed by Ziad Doueiri stars Eric Cantona, Suzanne Clément and Alex Lutz. The 6-part thriller revolves around Alain Delambre, an unemployed 57-year old man as he is lured by an attractive job opening, but things get ugly when he realizes he’s a pawn in a cruel corporate game. The series premiered in Germany and France last month on ARTE and is making its U.S. debut today on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Modern Collapse (Main Title) (1:21)
2. Skyscrapers (3:39)
3. Love Is My Family (2:50)
4. The Hive (3:05)
5. A Simple Plan (3:05)
6. We Were 1 + 1 (3:08)
7. The Deal Is Done (3:00)
8. Hope and Grief (1:57)
9. 30 Years Lockup (3:13)
10. Playing with Your Life (4:06)
11. A Different Kind of Species (2:25)
12. My Eyes From the 16th Floor (4:17)
13. Mollusk (2:50)
14. Mr. Majestic (2:31)
15. Unnatural Selection (2:01)
16. Inhuman Resources (3:47)
17. T Minus 9 (3:14)
18. Wicked Scheme (2:40)
19. Team Lucy (3:36)
20. In the Crosshair (3:48)