The Academy’s Board of Governors has approved rules and campaign regulations for the 93rd Academy Awards, including a minor rule change for the Original Score category. According to the updated rules, “a score must be created specifically for the eligible feature-length motion picture and comprise a minimum of 60% of the total music in the film. If a score does not meet the minimum 60%, the composer may submit a letter to the Branch Executive Committee, stating reasons for the score to be accepted for consideration. All letters must be received by the due dates published by the Academy for the current awards cycle.  In cases such as sequels and franchises from any media, the score must consist of more than 80% newly composed music which does not contain any pre-existing themes borrowed from previous scores in the franchise”.

The Academy also confirmed that, for the third time, the music branch of the Academy will vote on a shortlist of fifteen titles in each of the music categories before five nominees for Original Song and five nominees for Original Score will be chosen by a second round of balloting.