A soundtrack album will be released for the western Badland. The album features the film’s original music composed by Jared Forman (Big Legend, Alone We Fight). The soundtrack will be released digitally on November 1 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Badland is written and directed by Justin Lee and stars Kevin Makely, Mira Sorvino, Trace Adkins, Bruce Dern, Tony Todd, Wes Studi and Jeff Fahey. The movie is set in the unincorporated areas of the West, where renegade factions have replaced law and order and follows one of the first African American Senators as he commissions a hardened detective with the impossible task of hunting down a trio of war criminals who have eluded capture for more than a decade. The western will be released in select theaters and on VOD on November 1 by Cinedigm.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Badland Main Title (1:44)
2. The General (2:50)
3. Mathias Breecher (2:15)
4. Looking for Cooke (2:04)
5. Trouble on the Farm (1:25)
6. General Cooke (2:29)
7. There’s Good in Him (1:38)
8. A Future for Mathias (2:00)
9. Sarah Watches (2:15)
10. Looking for Quaid (1:02)
11. You a Gamling Man? (2:16)
12. You Are Forgiven (1:36)
13. Quaid Invades the Farm (2:09)
14. Sarah Protects Her Home (1:32)
15. A Father’s Funeral (5:09)
16. The Next Job (1:42)
17. Careful How You Talk (2:13)
18. Thieves Suffer Consequences (1:44)
19. This Is Our Purgatory (3:54)
20. Early Riser / Waterboarding (8:18)
21. Taking on Knife’s Edge (3:36)
22. Showdown (2:42)
23. Leaving Knife’s Edge (3:21)
24. Just a Man (2:53)
25. End Credits (2:59)

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