Fat Possum Records has released Comet, the official theme song for the new Epix original series Perpetual Grace, LTD. The track is performed by The Jones Sisters (aka series creator Steven Conrad, Bobby Bare Jr, Jim Becker & Brad Jones) and is now available to download as a digital single on Amazon. Listen to the full song after the jump. A full soundtrack album featuring more songs by The Jones Sisters form the first season of the show will be announced soon. Perpetual Grace, LTD is created by Conrad & Bruce Terris and stars Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson, Jackie Weaver, Luis Guzman, Damon Herriman, Chris Conrad, Kurtwood Smith, Terry O’Quinn and Hana Mae Lee. The drama premiered on June 2 and currently airs every Sunday night on Epix. Visit the official show website for updates.

  1. Chris says:

    Boom you nailed it

  2. Anynonmouse says:

    Darn right — man, these guys “The Jones Sisters” …like, I think fully half of their songs are awesome, I’m really impressed.